It was early in the morning as he stood up. With a grimly face he looed at his clock."Dam it! 4 o'clock!" he shouted. He could sleep till afternoon if he wanted wanted to. But he wasn't able to fell asleep again. So he lied in his bed starring up to ceiling."What I've done to her?" He asked several times and suddenly he started to pray: "Lord if you hear me please reliefe me from all this waste my live consists of! Jesus Christ please stay near me!" He dind't believed in the Power oft he Lord but his desperateness, his pain and even the madness he felt inside stopt him from seeing another exit then begging the Lord for help.
A second look at his clock told him thats nearly quarter past four . So again he started requested some help. But this there was a difference!"You'ill find the keys to your problems in your mirror if you just look carefully enough." Only Moment later he sat in bed and looked through owner of this answering voice. Nobody was there. He fell back in his bed again and kept on starrig to ceiling.
Anyway he was still a young man his face was singed by life: His smile was gone a long time ago. His eyes were empty and surrounded by deep creases. You could try very hard but there is nothing to see inside them. There was no love, not even hate. He lost anybody and anything in his life which could make his existence livable.
The third look at his clock said it was half past four. I was a beggarly picture. His arms pended down his bed. They were not trained well but full of scars. He startet to hurt his self at the age of 16. Some were old but there were newer ones as well. If you have closer look you see a fine trace of blood which ran down his arm. His fingers begann to follow this trail down to his hand. "You'ill find the keys to your problems in your mirror if you just look carefully enough." The misterious voice startet again.

The fourth look at his watch told him quarter to five. Even he knew that there where nobody with him he stood up and went out of his room. He backed his arms right on bureau and took a deep look in the mirror as he was told. There was nothing to see than his reflection." There you are!" it salutet him."what the hell…?" he though to his self. Did I become crazy without noteing it?He moved his right arm his reflection did it, too. He lifted the left arm and the man in the mirror imitate it. He startet to shoud at the mirror but the lips of his mirror image didn't move. But after he finished the man in the mirror startetd to shoud back at him"Just see what did become of you? You god dam bastard! Youre nothing than a creep!" Listining this words he got the jitters. It took only a few seconds to take out his gun of the drawer. He brought it as defense again housebreakers.
As he aimed the mirror his eyes wen t big because the man in the mirror aimt him with same gun. „Do you really think you can play tricks on me in such an foolish way? HAHA-I dont think so!! So tell me how will you shoot me when im shooting you a second before? Such a son of a bitch as are will never be albe to beat me up!" With a lot of desperation he closed his eyes and remembers his movements he did in front oft he mirror as his man appeard. With a little tear in his eye he placed the pistole near his head. As he opend his eyes again his reflection started to laugh at him! How cute you are. You scared away all your friends ! In addition the person you called the imprtant in your life… so tell me when you look back at your life who of us ist he bastard who deserves to die? But I will end by know!" That was the last thing the Mirror said to him… meanwhile he cried and noticed that the man in the mirror was right. It wasn't his reflection which deserved to die.. The only mistake he could find in his life was himself. After comprhending thishe wasn't able to move anything of his body, not even his fingers. All what he could do was standing the watching his mirror pulling the trigger….

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