The Meeting

Ayden was gone forever. Everybody knew this. I was the only one who didn't want do realize it.
It was terrible. She fell ill nearly 2 month ago. Something with her stomach. I was sitting next to her bed in hospital and holding her hand as it happend. She died with some tears in her eyes and the last"I love you Rayn* lied still on her lips as she stopped to breathe . She was dead before I could answer her. I just wanted her to know that I loved her more than everything else. It was the darkest day of my life. Everyday I was standing in front of her grave gaving her the answer I was not able to give her at the hospital. All my friends though I've become crazy but I didn't listnen to them. Nobody is able to appreciate what she meant to me.
One day a forgein woman appeard at the graveyard. First I didn't see her but I noticed her flavour. I knew it but wasn't able to say why. Suddenly she was there and standing next to me." This Pain inside is evil, isn' it?" she asked."Yeah..." I replied." It is very hard." "I know. I'm missing my friend , too. I will never see him again.. thats hard for me. When did you see him last time?" I asekd her. „About 2 months ago. The last thing i could tell him was these famous three words. Yeah, she told me the same!" Suddenly tears appered in my eyes. She directly noticed it and grabbed my hands to soothe me. „Don't worry I am sure she died as a felicitously woman because oft he knowlegde that there will be someone who won't forget her and put roses to her grave. And I even If your not able to respond her last words… I m sure she knwe your answer." She huged me an whispert silently to my ears:" Sorry, I have to leave you know… but never forget what I've told you, okay? Farewell, Ryan!"
Suddenly I stumbeld. How could she know my name? And who told her that I couldn't answer her last cute words?"Where are you?" I asked her but nobody was there. I was standing alone at the grave. All I noticed was an old picture lieing on the ground. I lifted it up. It smelled the same way the forgein women smelled. It was an older Picture with some writing." I know you love me too even there was no time you could say it… suddenly I recognize th

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