The Cookies

„Dream well, sweety! You two, too!" Miss Mauz told her little daughter and her little friends with a sweet smile on her lips."I like your Mom, Minz." Hassel the little pup whisperd."Yeah you should know her beautiful cookies. There are no better ones then hers . We call them"Choclate-paws"." „Thats sounds very nice, I like Chocklate very much!" Sniffle, the guinea pig replied. "So I am not sure but mybe there are some in the kitchen. But we have to be very quiet!" So the thre little kids stood up and creeped directly into the kitchen. As they reached they tried to find the cookie tin but could not find it." There are no cookies" Minz said sadly."Maybe your Mom brought them to the pantry outside in the garden house." Hassel said."Yeah, let us find it out !! Lets Play detectives hunting the hidden cookies !"Minz agreed " So lets do ,detectives!"Sniffel shouted."PSSSSSSST do you want them to hear us? Be quiet!" So our three friends went outside and went to the garden house as quiet als they could. Inside the whole room was coverd by darkness . All they were able to see were the contours of some funitiures. But even if they cpuld see not that much it did not al long time to find the cookie tin." Finally we got it, detectives!" Minz said." Go on and open it!" Hassel said in a excited way. It didn't take a second to open it. But it was nearly empty! There where no cookies, only a little sheet of paper!" Hey sweety" they started reading" so finally you and your friends reached the cookie tin. But I knew you would go out searching it. What a pity I was faste than you! Now go back tot he room! The beds are still waiting for ypu. Huges and Kisses Miss Mauz!" . As they finished reading they looked at each other with dissappointment in their faces. So they went back. As they reached Minz room there where not only there beds still waiting. Each pillow was dekorated with one of the Choclate-Paws they searched. In addition there was another sheet of paper on there beds:"Dream well sweety, love you all !!?" Miss Maunz wrote them down. After having there cookies they lie down in bed! With sleepy eyes Hassel whisperd :"Finally we got them, detectives!" and fell assleep with a peaceful smile on his face…

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